Drew Prochazka

Business Manager
Drew Prochazka

As Business Manager, Drew Prochazka wears many hats. Drew is responsible for all of the accounting and human resources for the company as well as being the IT coordinator, over sees the company website, blogs, facebook, etc. and database programmer. But that's not the end of the many roles he plays at Beaver Mountain. Drew also maintains and manages the kiln drying of all of the cant stock, which involves numerous trips to the kilns to monitor the moisture of the cants as they are being dried. Drew has been with the company for over 13 years and brings with him over 15 years of experience in manufacturing and business management before joining Beaver Mountain. Drew spends countless hours researching the best insurance companies, employee benefits packages and energy saving programs that will ensure that Beaver Mountain is running as efficiently as possible. Even with all that’s on Drew’s plate, he also is a licensed helicopter pilot, a dream that he has pursued since his childhood.  Drew also enjoys spending time with his wife and their 6 children, camping, skiing, fishing and boating.  

Office: 607-467-2700
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