Beaver Mountain Log Homes Butler Log Home Exterior
Beaver Mountain Log Homes Butler Log Home Exterior

Can You Build a Log or Timber Home in the Winter

Yes, not only can you build a log or timber home in the winter months, there are some advantages! You can't fool mother nature and stop the elements of winter, but with a little clever planning you can build during the winter months. From a site prospective, excavation can be done in up to 2' of frost. Some contractors have equipment capable of get through even more than 2' of frost. Excavation tasks are usually carried out with greater ease during winter because of the firm footing the frozen ground creates. Also, ground water levels are lower in the winter (except for coastal areas) and the sides of the frozen cuts do not slump into the excavation. Because winter is overall a drier season, your job site should remain neater and cleaner, as snow can be easier to clear away than water or mud. The logs and or timbers for your home do still need to be placed in a dry, clean area which should be planned in advance. After the exterior construction is finished, the house usually will not be fully heated while being trimmed and finished on the interior. This allows your logs and timbers to acclimate to site conditions before the first blast of the furnace will be experienced. Additionally, as there is a lower sun in the winter sky, the logs and timber are exposed to less direct sunlight resulting in less fading and sun damage until you are ready to treat them when summer arrives. Of course, your site has to be properly prepared in order to consider building in winter.  For instance, if you are building a summer house with a 2 mile driveway, winter building may not be the best choice as someone will have to keep that driveway clear for the contractors' trucks. If your site is very narrow and offers little or no storage space, winter building may not be possible, as the materials should be properly stored against the winter elements. In addition to construction benefits from winter building, there are also scheduling benefits. Many contractors and subcontractors are available in the winter months, making it that much easier to coordinate schedules. Also, due to the lesser workload and time demands, there is a better chance of getting the construction finished on time. Of course the #1 advantage of building in the winter is that you won't have to wait until summer to begin work on your new home!

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