The Green Acres Log Home 3936 Sq. Ft.

Mitch had a dream of a custom built log cabin home on a quaint lake in Connecticut with a resort look and feel. Beaver Mountain's design team worked closely with the Quains to come up with just the right design. "Our Beaver Mountain custom log cabin home has given us the exact look and feel we were going for," stated Mitch. The home features a Great Room with a cathedral ceiling and a fireplace that beckons you on a chilly evening. The open concept of the kitchen/ dining area makes it easy to entertain and interact with friends and family. Mitch is especially pleased with the insulation of the logs. The sound and fury of stormy weather is muted. They chose to go with a look that reflected their personal taste. An infinity pool and a large outside entertainment area complete the lakeside home's ability to entertain. It makes home ownership of their custom Beaver Mountain Log Home, a dream come true. View Floor Plan

Approx. Overall: 3,936 Sq. Ft.
Main Level 2,240 Sq. Ft. 
Upper Level: 1,696 Sq. Ft.
This home has 3-5 Bedrooms & 3 1/2 Bathrooms. The Entry Portico adds a touch of elegance

Green Acres Log Home Newsletter
Working with Joan, and our interior designer, our Beaver Mountain log home has given us the exact look and feel we were going for. The construction of this home is solid, and the 10" logs insulate against the weather and sound. I was at the lake when the sever Halloween snowstorm in 2011 came through with wind, heavy snow and downed power lines. With the exception of the loss of power, if I hadn't looked outside, I wouldn't have known there was a storm. 
- Mitch
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