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Faith vs. Fact

There really is no best wood for a log home

By Jim Cooper

A sure way to enliven a gathering of log-home enthusiast the superiority of inferiority of a particular species of wood.  It’s like tossing a gauntlet into a gathering of knights.  You’re almost guaranteed that someone will rise to your challenge.  Wood species provokes probably more heated discussion than any other aspect of log homes.Beaver Mountain Log Homes Grandview Model Exterior Night

Log-home shoppers often come to me with glazed looks pleading for help deciphering the mountains of fact, fiction and fantasy surrounding wood species.  Often they think they can spare themselves confusion by asking, … CONTINUE READING

Attention to details can keep your project on budget

By Jim Cooper

A builder recently presented a bid for a log home to customers who had already purchased a package and had blueprints in hand.  They had sold their home to buy land and were temporarily renting in anticipation of their new home.  In their enthusiasm, they overlooked on factor: construction cost. After presenting his bid, the builder was stunned to find a $100,000 gap between it and his customer’s expectations.

Owls Club Beaver Mountain Log Homes

The builder shook his head and said, “I didn’t sell them the package.  They just gave me set of blueprints and list of what they wanted, saying they … CONTINUE READING

What is Custom Crafted?

The term “Custom Crafted” means “made to the specifications of an individual customer”.  In today’s world, having your custom crafted, luxury log dream designed to meet your wants and needs has come a long ways from the days of “kit” log homes.  This is not to say that there still companies out there that still produce a cookie cutter home.

What are the benefits of having a custom crafted homeBeaver Mountain Log and Cedar Homes Custom House vs a “kit”?  Custom crafted gives the homeowner the opportunity to define their style, choose the materials that will go into the home, design a home that is unique to … CONTINUE READING