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At Beaver Mountain Log & Cedar Homes, we work hand in hand with you throughout the design/build process to ensure that your dream home stays in budget and on schedule.

Determining the Cost of Your New Home

The geographical location of where you intend to build your log cabin home, cedar home or timber frame home effects the labor rates for builders and subcontractors (carpenters, plumbers, electricians, masons, painters, etc).  Your builders and subcontractors level of expertise and craftsmanship will also have a direct effect on the turnkey cost of your log home.Beaver Mountain Log Homes Lee Stone Fireplace

Your building site has its own characteristics (type and length of driveway, engineered sewage system design, well location and depth, foundation type, soil and ground conditions, etc.) that will affect the overall cost.  State and local structural building and energy codes, permits and local … CONTINUE READING