Determining The Cost of Your New Home

Typically log cabin homes, timber frame homes, and hybrid homes are niche areas of construction and tend to cost somewhat more (generally 10% and up) than a comparable, high quality, custom “stick-built” home with the same level of finishes, amenities, and design complexities.

As one might expect, it is less expensive to build a cookie-cutter home with vinyl siding, dry wall, and carpeting than a custom home with log and timber components, wood siding, and wood interior finishes.

Estimating costs based on square foot pricing can be very misleading, as there are numerous variables (see below).

We’d be happy to help you determine a realistic budget for your dream home. Let’s talk about what works for you.

Things That Affect the Cost of Your New Home

The Geographical Location of Where You Intend to Build

  • Labor rates for builders and sub-contractors vary from region to region
  • Each building site has its own characteristics that may affect excavation, driveway length, the engineered sewage system, well depth, and foundation type (just to name a few)
  • Construction and engineering codes, permits, and local variances differ


House Style and Design

  • Roof lines, roof pitch, valleys, dormers, and gables
  • Footprint of the house, square box or angles, jogs and bump-outs
  • Window and door configurations and sizes
  • Cathedral ceilings or full second floor area
  • Walkout basement, full underground basement, crawl space, or slab
  • Covered porch and deck area
  • Quantity and design of bathrooms
  • Kitchen design and size


Materials Used in the Home’s Exterior

  • Exterior finish (solid log, log siding, cedar, composite, brick, stone, vinyl)
  • Roofing materials (shingles, slate, wood shake, tile, metal)
  • Overhang length, gable style, dormer style, and size
  • Timber Frame construction, accents, and size
  • Railing styles, size of decks and porches
  • Many other details that are not visible, but affect the construction cost


Materials Used on the Interior

  • Type of flooring materials used
  • Grade of cabinets, countertops, and appliances
  • Plumbing fixtures, lighting, etc.
  • Type of heating system used – forced hot air, radiant baseboard
  • Amenities such as fireplaces, portico, etc.
Beaver Mountain Log Homes Kuyahoora Lodge Timber Portico
Beaver Mountain Log Homes Kuyahoora Lodge Owners Suite Bath
Beaver Mountain Log Homes Kuyahoora Lodge Great Room


Discuss questions you may have and building ideas for your log or timber home with one of our sincere professional building consultants, we’d love to hear from you.

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